Cracow city guided tours

For many years Cracow has been ranked one of the most beautiful and friendly cities in the world. Modern Cracow proves it more than ever. The status of the city is confirmed by the crowds of delighted tourists visiting it during the season and even out of it.

Cracow city guided tours

Planning Cracow city guided tours, you can choose from numerous free options. There are some remarkable theme tours, like the one presenting dark secrets of the city. If you want to hear a frightening story about legendary Lady in Black or feel a hangman’s knot on your neck – the macabre tour is for you. Guides will introduce you with the most brutal serial killers prowling in Cracow in 20th century.
Or maybe you are interested in street art? The streets of Cracow are filled with amazing pieces, especially those in Kazimierz and Podgórze. City guides know them all and they’re ready to share with you all the stories behind them.
Visitors eager to learn something about Cracow’s history and culture should take a walk in the beautiful Old Town or choose a tour following Jewish tracks in the city.
All the tours, both paid and free, can be booked in advance via internet. If you’re not into planning things, you can always try to join a group at particular meeting points.

Cracow on the list

UNESCO World Heritage List includes sites of outstanding universal value. There are 16 Polish sites on this prestigious list. You can find 4 of them in Małopolska and they’are all worth to see. First and foremost it’s Cracow. UNESCO justification act states that “Kraków bequeaths to future generations a unique collection of cultural monuments of the past centuries as well as famous works of art and architecture.” Other sites are: salt mine in Wieliczka (17 km from Cracow), sanctuary in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska (33 km from Cracow), Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp (64 km from Cracow) and The Wooden Churches of Southern Małopolska – 6 churches located in Blizne, Binarowa, Dębno Podhalańskie, Haczów, Lipnica Murowana, and Sękowa (60-193 km from Cracow). UNESCO route is great, when you’re ready to devote about 2 days to visit all the sites.

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