Why is good to visit jewish quarter Krakow?

Krakow is a very attractive city that is visited by many tourists every year. We should not forget that the former capital of Poland boasts many attractive monuments, as many of them were not destroyed during the war. Contrary to, for example, Warsaw, which was almost razed to the ground. For this reason, so many people like to come to the former capital of Poland. So if we are in Krakow, what is worth visiting?

Krakow is a very popular place

In fact, the most important monuments of Krakow are located on its main square, as well as in the vicinity of the market square. It is there that we can visit, among others, St. Mary’s Church, as well as the cloth hall and numerous museums. The Wawel Royal Castle, located on the Vistula River, and the Jewish quarter are also very popular. https://www.seekrakow.com/en/zwiedzanie-kazimierza/

An interesting fact is that before the war, Krakow was inhabited by many different nations. However, people of different nationalities either died after the war or were murdered en masse. Although not many people of Jewish nationality live in Krakow anymore, in the jewish quarter Krakow we can find many monuments that once belonged to the Jewish population. It is a very attractive and beautiful place. Certainly, being in the jewish quarter in Krakow, we can get the impression that we are moving to a completely different era, as well as to another country. Many of the inscriptions on the windows of restaurants or shops are in Yiddish. It is a place worth visiting.

Cracow is very popular

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Wawel castle tours are becoming more and more popular

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Popular attractions in Warsaw

Currently, more and more tourists come to Warsaw, because we can find very attractive places here. We should not forget that it was Warsaw as one of the few cities during World War II that was completely razed to the ground. For this reason, if we want to visit even its historic part, we should remember that they will not be original buildings.

Warsaw is a very beautiful city

In fact, the capital of Poland was rebuilt not only thanks to the help of many workers and ordinary people, who were often residents of this beautiful city. However, the paintings of the painter who was present at the royal court also helped. It is thanks to this Warsaw can now again boast of beautiful buildings that look just like in the old days.

Every year, many people come to Warsaw because it is a city not only of many cultures, but also a typical business headquarters. It is in Warsaw that many people perform their professional duties and by the way often visit this city.

It is worth remembering that often even a weekend is enough for us, because during these few days we can also see the biggest attractions of this city. So what is worth choosing? What are the most interesting things in Warsaw?

Indeed, the Royal Castle, as well as gardens that belong to the castle in another part of the city, are among the most popular monuments in Warsaw. In addition, a lot of people decide to visit the palace of culture and science. It is also worth choosing various modern museums that are available in the city. Such is definitely Polish vodka museum Warsaw. More and more tourists, especially from abroad, decide to visit the Polish vodka museum in Warsaw – click here for more information – because we can meet there very different exhibits, as well as learn about the history of this popular drink in Poland.

The most popular Schindler’s factory

A lot of people come to Krakow every year. However, more and more often it happens that many people do not know what to really visit in a given capital of Poland. So what should we pay the most attention to? What is very important, and what are the main monuments in Krakow?

Popular Schindler’s factory

The Schindler’s factory is located in Krakow and today is considered one of the city’s most attractive tourist destinations. However, it was not popular because of its story, but rather a Hollywood movie directed by Steven Spielberg, “Schindler’s List”, which was shot in 1993. Were it not for this fact, the factory would certainly be known only to the residents of Krakow and lovers of knowledge about World War II.

The factory is located in the Podgórze district of Kraków. It was founded in 1937 by three Jews engaged in industry. During the outbreak of World War II, the production plant suffered a financial defeat and fell into the hands of the German entrepreneur Oskar Schindler, thanks to which the German Enamel Product Factory was created. Initially, Poles were employed for production, but after the creation of the ghetto in Kraków, large numbers of Jews began to be employed, who were saved from being sent to camps.

We can definitely find many interesting sights in Krakow. However, we should not limit ourselves to visiting only places located in the center of Krakow. For example, the schindler’s factory tour is located in another district, but it is a site worth visiting.

The best thermal baths Krakow

Every year more and more tourists come to Krakow. This is not surprising, because it is a very attractive city where you can visit a lot of diverse monuments. So how can you relax in Krakow? How to plan your free time in this city?

Krakow is becoming more and more popular

The former capital of Poland is definitely a very attractive place, which is very often chosen by tourists, in particular those from abroad. This is not surprising, because there are many attractive monuments. So what is worth visiting?

Thermal baths Krakow are often chosen

The whole Old Town deserves attention in Krakow, but you should also remember that if the weather is bad, walking and sightseeing will not be a good solution. In this case, it is worth sheltering in a building and wait out bad weather. In particular, it is important if you are with children. Thermal baths Krakow are a great idea.

First of all, you should remember that, contrary to appearances, even in the event of bad weather in Krakow there are many attractions. If you visit the former Polish capital with your family, and the weather is not conducive to long walks, you should go to thermal baths Krakow. Only thanks to this you can spend your free time attractively and our children will not complain of boredom.

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The most beauty Krakow old town

Weekend trips have recently become very popular. More and more people are choosing such solutions, because thanks to this you can spend your free time not only on your own, but also with your family. So where is it worth going? Which city is one of the most beautiful as well as the most visited in Poland?

Krakow is the most popular city

Indeed, Krakow is certainly one of the most popular cities in Poland. Every year, many tourists come to this city, because only here you can really see many attractive sights.

Krakow old town – a must see!

It is a great place not only for a weekend trip, but also for a week-long stay. In particular, it is worth seeing the historic part of the city, because that is where the most monuments are hidden. You can also come to Krakow with children because they will find there many interesting attractions.

You should remember that the former capital of Krakow has many secrets as well as numerous monuments. If you want to see very attractive places that are beautifully preserved and tidy, you should visit Krakow old town. It is there that many monuments that were not destroyed during World War II. It is a place that each of us should visit at least once in a lifetime.

Krakow city tours – why should we choose it?

Krakow is such a wonderful and interesting place that an inaccurately planned trip can make us not see all the places we are interested in. This is primarily due to the multitude of attractions offered by this amazing city. For this reason, if you want to see as many interesting attractions as possible, it’s worth taking a look at Krakow city tours.

Trips of all kinds

Tours organized in Krakow include many interesting places. First of all, these are trips that aim to see as many attractions as possible in Krakow itself. Such trips are dominated by those heading for Kazimierz or round trips around the Old Town. This is one of the best ways to explore Krakow, because the city is quite extensive and walking tours can be very time consuming.

Tours not only around Krakow

In addition to popular tours around Krakow city, more and more tourists are deciding to visit places outside of Krakow. There are many trips organized to various, very interesting places. One of the most popular tours is visiting the German Auschwitz concentration camp. It is a very interesting but also drastic trip. People who do not like such heavy views can, in turn, go on a calmer trip, e.g. to the Wieliczka Salt Mine or visit Zakopane. Each of these trips offers something unforgettable, because each of these places is amazing.

This is one of the ways to explore Krakow and places in its close surroundings. People who want to learn about Polish culture should definitely choose this option of sightseeing as one of the most effective.

Why should we go to the salt mines Krakow?

Krakow is a very attractive city with many charming places, as well as numerous monuments. Every year, many tourists come to visit the former capital of Poland for several reasons. So why is it worth going to Krakow? What attractions can be found in this city?

Krakow is becoming more and more popular

Even in the case of weekend trips, Krakow is definitely very popular among tourists. Not without a reason, because it is a city that can be easily reached by car, train or bus. One should not forget that there is also an airport, because of this people from all over the world come to the former capital of Poland to admire the timeless monuments.

Being in Krakow, it is worth visiting the main square. There most hiking trips start. Here also tourists gather to later visit the largest monuments. On the market square in Krakow, people can admire the cloth hall and St. Mary’s Church. The underground of the market has recently opened, where there is a very attractive museum. Near the market is also the Royal Castle, which attracts many tourists with its beauty. Being in Krakow is also worth visiting the salt mine. Such salt mines Krakow is very popular, especially among foreign tourists. When deciding to visit salt mines in Krakow, people should first of all dress warmly. Even if it is hot during the holidays and, for example, tourists walk around the city in shorts, it can be really cool in such a salt mine underground. Small children should be particularly aware of this. It is a beautiful place worth visiting at least once in life.