Pearl of Eastern Europe

Recently, many attractive things have arisen in Warsaw that make more and more tourists decide to go to this city. There you can find not only numerous monuments, but also attractive museums for children and adults, as well as numerous exhibitions or art galleries. Definitely everyone can find something for themselves in the Polish capital. So even if we are only in Warsaw for a while, what is worth visiting?

The biggest attractions in Warsaw

Indeed, the capital of Poland constantly attracts many tourists. It often happens that regardless of the season in Warsaw, you can meet not only many tourists from Poland, but also from abroad. We should remember that although this city was virtually completely destroyed during World War II, nowadays you can find a lot of attractions.

First of all, Warsaw attracts with numerous monuments, which have often been preserved in good shape after the wars, and have also been restored. The royal castle, among others, deserves attention. This monument will surely surprise many tourists, because not only does it look great from the outside, but also you can find a lot of attractions inside.

In the Polish capital you can also find numerous exhibitions devoted to World War II, as well as museums on this topic. Very many parents wonder if these are suitable places for children. Certainly in most museums and exhibitions, although the subject will be very serious, children will also find attractions for themselves. Vodka museum Warsaw is definitely an entertainment for adults. It is in vodka museum Warsaw that you can learn the history of this strong drink, which is so popular in Poland.

More information about vodka museum in Warsaw you will find here:

Very important Auschwitz tour

auschwitz tours

Trips to Krakow from year to year are becoming more and more popular. Not only many tourists from Poland visit this beautiful city, but we should not forget about the fact, that more and more often in Krakow we can meet tourists from abroad. This is not surprising, because the former capital of Poland hides many attractive monuments that should be seen by every one of us at least once in our lives. So what is worth seeing in Krakow? What monuments hide the area of ​​this city?

auschwitz tours

In the heart of Krakow, monuments located in the center are certainly very important, such as the market, cloth hall and St. Mary’s church. However, we should not forget that, while looking for other places, it is worth visiting the Castle of the Dukes of Wawel. More and more often, however, tourists decide to explore the area of ​​this beautiful city.

Being in Krakow, it is worth to buy the Auschwitz tour. Such Auschwitz tours are very popular, in particular among many tourists from abroad. Deciding on such a trip, we can visit the place after the former concentration camp. It was at Auschwitz during World War II that mass extermination took place. Currently, there is a museum in this area, which is open to visitors from around the world. Tour to Auschwitz are extremely popular. This is because to Oświęcim, where there is a former concentration camp, it goes very fast. Tours to Auschwitz are not too expensive, and this is a place where everyone should be at least once in their life.

Cracow city guided tours

For many years Cracow has been ranked one of the most beautiful and friendly cities in the world. Modern Cracow proves it more than ever. The status of the city is confirmed by the crowds of delighted tourists visiting it during the season and even out of it.

Cracow city guided tours

Planning Cracow city guided tours, you can choose from numerous free options. There are some remarkable theme tours, like the one presenting dark secrets of the city. If you want to hear a frightening story about legendary Lady in Black or feel a hangman’s knot on your neck – the macabre tour is for you. Guides will introduce you with the most brutal serial killers prowling in Cracow in 20th century.
Or maybe you are interested in street art? The streets of Cracow are filled with amazing pieces, especially those in Kazimierz and Podgórze. City guides know them all and they’re ready to share with you all the stories behind them.
Visitors eager to learn something about Cracow’s history and culture should take a walk in the beautiful Old Town or choose a tour following Jewish tracks in the city.
All the tours, both paid and free, can be booked in advance via internet. If you’re not into planning things, you can always try to join a group at particular meeting points.

Cracow on the list

UNESCO World Heritage List includes sites of outstanding universal value. There are 16 Polish sites on this prestigious list. You can find 4 of them in Małopolska and they’are all worth to see. First and foremost it’s Cracow. UNESCO justification act states that “Kraków bequeaths to future generations a unique collection of cultural monuments of the past centuries as well as famous works of art and architecture.” Other sites are: salt mine in Wieliczka (17 km from Cracow), sanctuary in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska (33 km from Cracow), Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp (64 km from Cracow) and The Wooden Churches of Southern Małopolska – 6 churches located in Blizne, Binarowa, Dębno Podhalańskie, Haczów, Lipnica Murowana, and Sękowa (60-193 km from Cracow). UNESCO route is great, when you’re ready to devote about 2 days to visit all the sites.

Tours in Krakow

tours in krakow

Kraków, the beautiful and fascinating city, is one of Poland’s biggest drawcards. As the royal capital for 500 years, Kraków became an endless source of historical, national treasures. Fortunately, the city emerged largely intact after WWII. Today, Kraków is considered as a treasure trove of Gothic and Renaissance architecture.

Krakow tours

There are many interesting, walkable tours in Krakow. An absolutely must-see attraction and city’s centrepiece is magnificent Wawel Castle – the seat of the kings for over 500 years. Exploring Krakow tours, most tourists immediately fall in love with Kraków’s Old Town – the site full of historical treasures and modern attractions, such as popular restaurants, bars and music clubs. Just outside the Old Town visitors can find the former Jewish quarter Kazimierz. Kazimierz was for a long time an independent town. Now it’s a colourful but dramatic evidence of a tragic, bittersweet Polish-Jewish history.
Kraków is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city and an essential part of visiting Poland. Even today, after over 400 years since the capital of Poland moved to Warsaw, Kraków retained much of its symbolic power. With its historical and national treasures and many nightlife opportunities, the city offers a feast for body and soul.
Kraków is not a place to rush – most visitors give themselves at least several days to explore it. After all, tours in Krakow are really captivating.

History lesson: Where the Auschwitz is? The short history of concentration camp

Concentration camp in Oświęcim is one of the largest European necropolises and one of the most visited tragic memorabilia after World War II. The German death factory is today a tourist attraction, paradoxically an exceptionally interesting attraction, which attracts death and its bad reputation. Although today, crowds of tourists come to

Oświęcim, often not understanding the camp’s message, the history of KL Auschwitz is an amazing story of bestiality, extermination, but also martyrdom and heroism of prisoners.

The remains of the extermination machine have also not disappeared, becoming a significant proof of the bestial occupation of Poland by the German people. After the war, to document the enormity of the Germans’ crime, a museum was established in the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. It has become a symbol of the martyrdom of a multinational community, perverted thoughtlessly by the perpetrators who usurped the law for the alleged Aryan origin. The total number of victims is unknown, but it is estimated at 4 million people.

Such Auschwitz tour are currently very popular. We can find the most Auschwitz tours in Krakow, because from there it is very close to Oświęcim, but there are also many ads on the internet.

Touristic Poland

Increasing number of tourists
Each year more and more tourists decide to visit Poland. Located in central Europe as sovereign state. Where lies his beauty? The country have very diverse area. There is a sea, mountains, forests and areas full of lakes. Also as an country with a long history there is a cities full of historical monuments.

Wroclaw as example
The largest western city, lies on the banks of the river Oder. What you can see there? The first is obviously the Old Town with market square. Another historical places is the royal palace and history museum, old Jewish Cementary and Wroclaw University. For someone who likes Christian churches should visit Cathedral of St. john the Baptist, Church of saints Dorothy, church of St. James and Vincent. In Wroclaw also is located one of the biggest Zoological garden in Poland with African aquarium complex. Also in the city is some about 400 dwarfs located around the city. It’s a nice entertainment to search and find them all. List of things to see is really long.

Going sleep
With increasing of number of tourist from Europe, Poland expand his accommodation base. As tourist we could choose between the hotels, hostel or private flats. In my opinion probably the best choice is hostels Poland. They are cheaper than hotels and very often hostels are located in city centers (also in the cities main squares). Be honest, you only need place to sleep for few hours.

Constructing Kit Houses

If you’re thinking about purchasing or constructing a kit house to call your own, you’re certainly not alone. Self build homes are slowly but surely becoming more and more common in locations everywhere. There’s a good chance you’ve met quite a few individuals who have invested in kit houses. What makes them so special and notable, anyway? That question has a handful of fantastic answers.

Kit houses provide people with the joy of pure design flexibility. If you like the idea of home customization and showing off your incomparable imagination and creativity, taking the kit house route may be just what the doctor ordered. A kit house can give you the power to make layout plans. It can give you the ability to determine smart entry point locations and beyond as well.

Purchasing or constructing a brand new residential property can be an overwhelmingly expensive project. If you go for a kit house, however, you can happily decrease costs. These homes are the epitome of budget-friendly. Traditional residences are markedly costlier than they are. They’re not even on the same planet in that sense. If you’re a budget-conscious person who likes to do anything you can to decrease your expenses, you’ll certainly adore the kit house world.

These homes are good news for the environment. Do you love your planet? If you do, you love these self build homes from Dan-Wood, end of story. They offer energy efficiency that’s on another level. They, because of that, are more than just useful for the environment. They’re also useful for your monthly budgeting. They can make your bills a lot lower and more controllable. Who wants the stress of unpredictably steep energy bills all of the time? These residences are energy efficient thanks to varied factors. These include strong design and choice materials. Kit homes are all about double glazing and strong insulation, after all.

These properties can also make building efforts a lot more streamlined. Constructing a home can be pretty confusing and difficult. Constructing a kit one, however, is never anywhere near as bewildering. It doesn’t matter how small or how large your household is. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on living on your own for a while, either. Moving into a kit home can be rewarding and cool. It can offer you several conveniences that can make your lifestyle a lot better, too. Learn more about kit houses as soon as possible.

Cracow city guided tours the best solution for rest

Cracow is one of the most interesting and historic places in Poland. The streets full of old tenement houses, lots of cafes and street stalls invite to walk around the city, and it is rich in places where you can relax and unwind. Being in Cracow for only one day is worth seeing the main monuments of the city and they may encourage you to come for longer. Cracow city guided tours from SeeKrakow are the best solution.

Visiting Cracow with melex is an option for those who want to visit the city together with a guide, but rather watch it only from the outside, without venturing into the walls of churches or museum exhibitions. It is a great alternative for older people, for whom a walk with a guide is perhaps too much of a challenge.

On a trip of the Cracow city guided tour we start from the very heart of Cracow, that is from the Main Square, where we tell each other about the history of the location of the medieval city, learn about the Town Hall Tower, St. Mary’s Basilica, the church of St. Wojciech, monument to A. Mickiewicz and the oath of T. Kościuszko. Hence, the former street of Cracow goldsmiths, ie ul. Grodzka, we’re going to St. Mary Magdalene.

Cracow is one of the largest and most numerous cities in Poland. The seat of the Lesser Poland voivodship. Cracow is located on the Vistula at the intersection of the Masovian Upland and the Carpathians in the so-called Krakowska Gate. It has an important administrative, cultural, educational, economic, service and tourist function. Krakow is undoubtedly the cultural capital of Poland – this city is famous for its artistic atmosphere, great theaters, galleries, museums. People are warm and warm here, and the atmosphere of the beautiful Old Town is quickly passed on to visitors.

Build The Home of Your Dreams

Those who have longed to build the house of their dreams have most likely been through every option out there. For many, a dream home is all about wooden houses set in wooded settings with all of the luxuries of a vacation retreat. This is perhaps one of the top reasons many opt for timber framed houses as their ideal home as they ring comfort, luxury and unsurpassed aesthetics with the design itself.

Wooden houses are very much like beach houses. The difference is that some people simply prefer a more rustic, wooded, mountain setting where others want sand and surf. Those that tend to be true nature lovers opt for timber framed homes because they speak to those who simply love the though and call of the outdoors. For many, the wooded seclusion of timber laden areas or the design of wooden homes is enough to have them craving such a lifestyle.

It is important for one to have the home of their dreams. This is a part of life that allows one to fulfill their fanstasy’s in regards to their home. This is one of the reasons why so many choose to seek out quality and well built timber framed homes. They are the right homes for those that want very best type of home style available for those who truly love a natural feel for their dwelling.

Timber framed houses can be designed and modified to meet the wants and needs of anyone seeking a house that can called home with a rustic feel. Wooden houses truly bring with them the natural feeling of being at one with nature. however, when one works with a proper timber framed houses firm, they can also alter the base designs of such homes to make them as elegant or traditional as one chooses. That allows for plenty of room for customization which makes those interested in such homes able to truly design that home of their dreams.

There is no better feeling than working with a builder to design and construct a house you have always wanted. It brings along a feeling of contentment and sheer pleasure as you will be proud to call your house a home.