Warsaw – interesting capitol of Poland

Poland is full of interesting places. Everyone who decides to travel to this wonderful country will find out about it. When visiting Poland, you should remember about its capital. Warsaw is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, especially because of its unusual history.

Hated city

The Second World War is a time that everyone would like to erase from memory. It is especially difficult for the citizens of Warsaw. During World War II, Warsaw was occupied by the germans. The occupier’s goal was to destroy the city, especially after the Warsaw Uprising. Because of this, the city was destroyed in over 90%. Until now, germans have not been accounted for their crimes against Poles.

Warsaw today

Currently, Warsaw is the vibrant modern capital of Poland. There are many historical places like the Royal Castle, but also other interesting places like the Vodka Museum Warsaw. For this reason, Warsaw can interest almost everyone. It is a city of great opportunities, in which every extraordinary talent can be fulfilled. It is also a city of ordinary people that can be found in many parts of the city.

To sum up, Warsaw is a very diverse city with many interesting places. If you’re interested in spending time in a variety of ways, Vodka Museum Warsaw is one of the places you should visit. In addition, there are many shops in the city and the nightlife is very rich. The city also has a very rich cultural offer that should attract each person who likes to spend some spare time in such way.