Over 600 years of vodka brewing in one place

Warsaw Vodka Museum is an exhibition complex located in the capital of Poland. The creators of this place managed to set the exhibitions in restored brewery buildings, originally placed around 1897 year. Even though they weren’t in the best shape, it was possible to fix it and create modern inside of the buildings.

What can you learn at vodka museum?

Vodka is an important part of polish culture. Used on many occasions, such as weddings or birthday parties, had a very unique flavor only for connoiseurs. Lovers of this alcohol claim, that it’s tasty alone and with fruit juices or other drinks. If you never had a chance to tryi it, there is a gastronomic part in the museum, where you can test the beverage.

There are multiple exhibitions covering the process of vodka manufacturing – years ago and now. It’s a really interesting expedition, during which you can learn not only how vodka is prepared now, but where did the idea of brewing it come from and what were tha changes in process.

There are also interactive parts of the exhibition, where you can learn interesting facts about the alcohol: how it’s prepared and many more. For biggest fans there are also organized courses, during which you can learn how to prepare tasty drinks with vodka.

Tours not only in Polish

For people from around the world, there are also trips in English organized on daily basis. If you are interested in another language, you should contact the museum: Spanish, German and a couple of more lectors are available with 2-3 days notice.