Museum in Warsaw – how much do you know about vodka?

Warsaw Vodka Museum is a place in the capital of Poland, where you can learn many interesting facts about this alcohol. If you ever wondered, how the history of vodka even began – you should visit this museum.

Symbolic location of the exhibits

The whole museum is located in an old odka factory complex: “Koneser”, where the most popular polish alcohols were prepared many years ago. When the place was shut down, owners of the museum decided to redo part of the complex and make it a place worth visiting.

During the tour, you can read everything in both Polish and English, as all the tables are translated into those languages. However, if the visitors come from another part of the world and their English isn’t good enough – there is still a possibility to order a tour with guide speaking another language. This, however, has to be done with further notice – at least a couple of days.

What can you learn at the museum?

All the exhibitions – both regular and interactive – are about vodka, the process of its making and traditions concerning this alcohol. At the museum, you can find out how did the process of brewing vodka look at the beginning and how did it change over the years. Why were the modifications applied and were they beneficial for vodka? This and many other questions are answered during the tour.

If you are interested in Polish traditions concerning the most popular alcohol in the country – the museum is also the right place. While you might not understand the phenomenon of vodka, learning about Polish traditions (i.e. wedding ones) concerning this alcohol can be really interesting experience.

At the end comes the cherry on top: vodka sampling. You can taste for yourself, how does different types of this alcohol taste and what makes them so unique. All of this happens under the supervision of an experienced worker, who will answer all upcoming questions. When you will know all the tastes available – don’t forget to check out the gift shop: perhaps you will like something?

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