Zatorland – is it a good place to visit?

Zatorland is an amusement park, in which not only kids will have great fun, but adults as well. Theme parks organized at this place will be not only opportunity to enjoy a family time, but also time to learn some things. What parks are at Zatorland?

Park of animatronic dinosaurs

The whole park is located in a forest, in which more than 100 specimens of those prehistoric creatures can be found. Most of them is animatronic, which means they can move and make sounds of real dinosaurs.

It’s a really great place for all dinosaur lovers. The end of this park is a great museum of skeletons and fossils: a really educational place for both your and old. For the youngest dinosaur lovers, the park has prepared a special Paleontological Workshop, during which one can get he Certificate of a Young Paleontologist. What is more – it’s only one part of the park! What else can be seen there?

Park of Mythology

For those, who aren’t as interested in dinosaurs as others, there is also a special exhibition about mythological creatures. This is the only place in whole Poland, where people can see a park about mythology and ancient gods. To make things even more interesting – it’s located mostly on water!

Trojan Horse and ancient heroes are only examples of the attractions for visitors. What is more – it’s one of a few places in Poland, where one can see an amazing show of dancing fountains! It’s something that cannot be missed.