Krakow stag activities – multiple options

Krakow is a great location to say goodbye to bachelor status. Not only it is a beautiful city, but also offers multiple locations, where the party members might have a great time. Where to go and what are the most popular Krakow stag activities?

Classic parties

One of the first options is the thing that is usually done at stag nights: just partying all night long. In Krakow, there are many night clubs, fueled mostly by students, but also some other attendants. One of the best things in Krakow’s night clubs is that all of the bachelor’s party attendants might find them interesting and worth spending time in. If people who will be at the party don’t live in Krakow, it’s a good idea to stay in the city center – it’s easier to grab a cab or a bus there.

No alcohol required

If the bachelor’s party members aren’t really interested in drinking and dancing, that time can be spend in a multiple different ways. There are climbing walls, shooting ranges, the possibility of renting a pitch, going to a match, paintball trips or all-day airsoft fun and many more activities in Krakow or in the immediate vicinity of the city.

Krakow stag activities

Most of them are done during the day, but some of the places make it possible to rent the space for the night. If the stag party attendees are interested in spending the evening in one of the places, the best idea is to call and ask whether the space is available during the evening hours.