Why is Krakow a good location for stag do?

Krakow is an old city in Poland, where a lot of beautiful sights can be seen. But what is more, it’s also an amazing party location, where everyone can find something to do. There are also many bachelorette parties and stag dos going. Why is it a good place for such a special occasion?

Many clubs

First of all, there are many clubs to be visited and Krakow stag do is mostly about partying all night long. Also, the location of all those clubs is really good. It doesn’t matter, where the stag do attendants are located for the night: thanks to the fact that most of the clubs are in the city center, it’s really easy to get there and also get back to the hotel.

Activities to do during the day

If the stag do in Krakow is supposed to take a whole weekend, it’s a good idea to also have some activities for the day. Krakow is one of the best places in the whole country for that. There are a lot of locations worth seeing and many activities, that can make the day really amazing. Among those, stag do attendants can participate in a football match, they can go climbing or check our, which one of them can aim the best at the shooting range. It can be a great fun and also an amazing bonding activity.